Phil Hampson



After playing guitar and keyboards in several UK bands, became involved full time in the music business as a singer/songwriter, session musician and then sound engineer.

Started audio production company, building and running
Starlite / Magnum Studios in Manchester.

Set up Indie Label 'Sharing Records', producing Spiritual & World Music albums.

Became MD of Manchester's Indigo Studios. As engineer and latterly producer at Indigo worked with a diverse collection of artists and novelty records in the late 70's/early 80's, some good, some bad, all fun...

      Includes the UK Number One Hit:
       'Matchstalk Men and Matchstalk Cats and Dogs'
     Top Twenty Hit:   
'The Sparrow' 

        England Football Squad (World Cup 1974);
        English and Welsh Rugby League Squads.
Liverpool FC chart single,
        Sad Cafe

    From the early punk era
  'Spiral Scratch' EP,  
        Slaughter and the Dogs  
'Cranked up Really High' EP
        The Fall
        The Drones

    Wrote and produced first
Prince single...

    Prince the talking dog that is, from BBCTV's 'That's Life'.    'Sausages'   

Music career was wisely put on hold after writing and producing a Christmas Single with 'Madge & Harold' from BBC TV's 'Neighbours' - 22 TV appearances and no hit! 

Gigging with band Midnight Blue through the 80's

Working on  ' Giaconda!'.  Charity Gigs with band Grampz



Throughout the 80's and 90's was writing/producing commercials for Radio and TV, and in-house programmes for corporate clients.

Concentrated on business interests in the 90's - see    Hampson Group, acknowledged as the creator and UK market leader of 'Dedicated Broadcasting' satellite radio.
Stations: ASDA FM, National Lottery Radio, Moto Motorway FM, Alldays Radio, McColls FM, Allsports FM ...
In the 2000's the group was sold, for a time became part of BSkyB, now operating as KVH Media Group

  other stuff

Member of :

    Mensa;  PRS for Music;    British Academy of Songwriters Composers & Authors